Quality politics

The insurance of the product’s quality processes is essential for the correct sustainable development of the Hidalgo Group.

The quality politic of the Hidalgo Group is based on:

a. Offer our clients products and services that are able to:
1. Guarantee high levels of food security
2. Favor your activity.
3. Obtaining complete satisfaction from them.
4. Satisfy the requirements in quality, especifications, delivery terms and prices.
b. Fulfillment of every legal requirement. (higenic and environmental).
c. Effective management and control of every process.
d. The integration of the ethical management in each action of the enterprise.
e. The constant improvement of every process with the aim of reducing the environmental impact as much as possible.

For this, the Hidalgo Group is committed to:

1. Foment the participation of each of his collaborators.
2. Support the quality and food security management system.
3. Adopt as many measures as possible to ensure the legal fulfillment.
4. Promote the constant improvement of different processes, products and services, throughout the implantation of quality tools.

The warranty that each worker that takes part on the quality process knows the group’s politic is made by the diffusion of the information. This is made by the quality director, who ensures every worker in the different stages of the process receives the correct information and documents.


Grupo Hidalgo has several Quality Certifications that guarantee its products

Halal ISO 9001 Tierra de Sabor IFS