Quality policy

The quality assurance of the processes, products and services is essential for the sustainable development of the HIDALGO GROUP, and must be the reference in the framework of all the actions to achieve the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers.

The Management of GRUPO HIDALGO establishes and communicates to all the workers of the companies that make up the group the following Quality Policy as a guideline of principles to be considered in the development of its activity:
To guarantee the quality and food safety standards of all food products as a basic pillar of the organisation.

To disseminate, train, raise awareness and involve all the organisation´s staff in relation to the culture of food safety and quality of processes and products.

To guarantee the company´s social and ethical responsibility towards the environment, natural resources, citizens, consumers, suppliers, customers and workers, doing our utmost to guarantee sustainable development that respects all of them.

To consolidate a "brand image" that identifies us with the quality of our product and the efficiency of our service, in order to generate confidence in clients and consumers.

Promote preventive awareness and continuous improvement in all its processes, products and services, through the implementation of quality tools and the awareness, motivation and training of all its collaborators.

To consider the elimination or, in any case, the minimisation and control of situations that may pose a potential risk, maintaining optimal conditions of maintenance, hygiene, cleanliness and order in our company.

To guarantee compliance with all applicable legal requirements, and to promote and support the quality and food safety management system.

To achieve full satisfaction of our customers´ needs by meeting their expectations, quality requirements, specifications, deadlines and prices, thus consolidating the trust placed in the HIDALGO GROUP.

The guarantee that all personnel who influence the quality of GRUPO HIDALGO are aware of the policy and objectives is achieved thanks to the firm commitment of the Management and its dissemination by the Quality Department to all departments, and the information on the documents and their modifications that apply to each level in the different work posts.



Grupo Hidalgo has several Quality Certifications that guarantee its products

Halal ISO 9001 Tierra de Sabor IFS