Hidalgo Group / Production process

Our productive processes starts with an strict selection of the little chickens, that will be raised in our farms until they gain the optimum weight.

Each growing process is monitored by our veterinary, who controls and ensures that their food, temperature, and ventilation are in order.

The bird’s sacrifice is a bleed chain process that involves chickens being firstly plucked, then eviscerated, cleaned, cooled down and finally classified and tagged.

The sacrifice starts al 00.00 a.m and when it finished everything is distributed to each selling point in order to be sold in the morning. This process ensures our products arrive to our consumers in their best quality and fresh.

Thanks to an integrated control, we obtain feedback of each part of the process that the chickens have followed during the productive process.

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Grupo Hidalgo has several Quality Certifications that guarantee its products

Halal ISO 9001 Tierra de Sabor IFS