Products / Boneless and Stuffed Poultry

Poularda Rellena ASADA con Salsa de Frutos Rojos

Pollo relleno ASADO de Navidad

Stuffed farm chicken

Pollo relleno de Navidad

Pavo de granja relleno

Pularda rellena

Capón relleno

Pato de granja relleno

Aves Deshuesadas

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The shelf life of our products varies according to the packaging mode (fresh in bulk, in tray, with protective atmosphere, in vacuum or freezing IQF), indicating in each package the expiry date. All our products are sold in different formats and the type of packaging can vary according to the needs of the customer.


Grupo Hidalgo has several Quality Certifications that guarantee its products

Halal ISO 9001 Tierra de Sabor IFS